Optimize One Call

Getting the most value from your One Call process is a mix of prioritizing safety and asset integrity, combined with creating cost-effective and efficient workflow. Our years of experience in adressing clients needs has lead to a new approach to this problem, one that puts the pipeline owners needs first. We improve safety and drive down cost.


Accessing accurate and up to date maps is critical for screening & decision making. Knowing where your assets are vs where excavation is occurring, is at the heart of protecting people, assets and the environment. We ensure that maps are delivered directly into the One Call & ground disturbance workflow.

Ticket Processing

Conveying information about an excavation to ticket screeners and field crews is vital. Yet the necessity of processing notifications in a timely and accurate manner can be a a drain on resources. We have streamlined that process, allowing you to free up the time spent by your staff and to save unnecessary capital being spent.

Tracking & Coordination

Knowing the status of all One Call notifications, screens, or line locates ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. We ensure that everyone from head office, to the field and outside contractors, are working from the same information. We also allow you to connect and coordinate with other activity in the area.

Reduced Travel & Labor Cost

Every day, line locating crews are driving all across the province to get to locations. Meanwhile, another crew could already be in the area. The cost of crew travel provides very little value for protecting people or pipelines. We have a unique system that drastically reduces travel time and cost.


Third party excavation is one of the leading cause of pipeline leaks and ruptures. Yet this information is rarely captured in pipeline integrity assessment or record keeping. Digplan makes this possible