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Pipeline systems face a barrage of ongoing operational threats & hazards


Identifying & addressing those hazards across thousands of miles, and within a limited budget, is a huge challenge for energy companies. 


Outdated methods have lead to unsustainable costs, pipeline failures and ever-increasing scrutiny of all pipeline operators.


Surely there must be a better way?








Zeel helps energy companies tackle their pipeline integrity challenges by making useful information accessible and by driving cost efficiency.  We help our clients meet regulations, achieve social license and help protect shareholder value.







Gathering System Connectivity                                                                             

Understanding how your pipeline system joins together is essential in effective asset management  and in prioritizing risks. Zeel will help you understand your system.                                      

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One Call Mapping Registration & Update



 One Call systems are a great resource for notification of 3rd party excavation near your pipelines. But they are only as accurate as the information registered. Zeel will ensure all your pipelines are registered.


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Schematics show the connection between pipelines, wells and facilities in a way a spreadsheet never can.  Zeel will create schematics to show how decisions can affect an entire system.                                                                       

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It's difficult to manage a pipeline system if you can't see where it is or what is nearby. Zeel creates maps to suit your companies needs.

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In Development

​We are in the process of developing something new, that we are very excited about. We hope to share it very soon. 


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Zeel is focused on providing value to our customers. That means more than just meeting regulations. It means ensuring they maintain social license to operate, protect the environment, all while reaching their operational goals and  achieving ROI for their investors.


The best way that we know how to do this is with mapping and software technology. But let us be clear: We are not techies who make technology just because it's "Cool".  We work closely with our customers and industry partners to ensure that we are solving real problems, with real solutions.

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 Let us show you how.


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Zeel Featured on Digital Oil & Gas Podcast

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Innovation moving the pipeline industry forward

Septembe 25, 2018

Zeel, IntelliView, Vintri and Luxmodus all came to together to host the Pipeline Innovation Mixer.


We were thrilled to have Joy Romereo (VP Innovation at CNRL & Chair of CRIN) and Geoffrey Cann (Energy and Digital Strategy www.geoffreycann.com, a former partner with Deloitte), as the featured speakers.  They shared their deep industry experience and showed the huge opportunity that pipeline and energy innovation has in Canada.

Zeel is very excited to present at Propel Energy Tech Forum

December 1, 2017

Zeel has been chosen as one of the companies to present at the Propel Energy Tech Forum in February. We look forward to seeing you there!

Zeel is very excited to win the Sparx Energy Innovation competition

June 15, 2017

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Launch of DigPlan

June 3, 2017

Zeel is changing the way energy companies manage 3rd party excavation

Zeel is very excited for the opportunity to present at the Energy New Venture Competition

March 2016

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Zeel is launching our new website!!!

June 21, 2016

 Zeel is very proud to launch our new website!!! Not only is it a refresh on our branding and marketing, we are making significant changes to bring our technology to our clients through software. 

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